Apr 29, 2019 | Written by Patricia Murphy

The Baltics (and Ukraine) Four Days to Go

How is your 2019 going? Ours got away from us a little, mostly due to so much working, but also so many good times with friends, dogs, (and doctors!). John and I are thrilled to have an upcoming trip to “The Baltics, Plus Ukraine.”

We started planning in January when we got flights round trip for $550 per person. Our intention was to  go to Finland, then take the train to St. Petersburg, but we had trouble getting Russian Visas so we decided to sub out Kiev after reading some really wonderful articles about travel to Ukraine.

So now our trip covers five countries: Finland, Estonia, Ukraine, Lithuania, and Latvia. We identified activities in each city, lots of great restaurants, and three hotels and two AirBNB’s that will be lovely and super comfortable. We’re almost all packed and can’t wait to share our adventures!