I am so very grateful to Jake Friedman and Four Chambers Press for such a wonderful book release party at Ocotillo Restaurant and Bar in Phoenix. Here is a video of the reading. Thank you to everyone who came out to the party!

Save The Dates

The pub date for Hemming Flames is fast approaching, so I want to let you know about two events. On Saturday August 20 from 4:30-6 Four Chambers Press will be hosting a “Four Chambers Presents” for Hemming Flames at Ocotillo in Phoenix. On Thursday September 1 at 7 pm I will be reading with the wonderful Sarah …


Trish and Colleen

I’ve been teaching at Arizona State University for 23 years. In that time I have taught over 200 classes, chaired many Honor’s Thesis Committees, and I’ve offered many workshops on pedagogy and teaching strategies to ASU faculty.

Recently one of my students made this observation on an official University evaluation form:

Professor Murphy is one of the most organized professors I have ever had at ASU. She is very clear about her expectations. Her passion for teaching and the writing profession is reflected in her captivating curriculum. She managed to bring more class involvement into her online course than even my in-person classes through her peer workshops and discussion activities. This class is a double thumbs up!!

This student could not have better articulated my Philosophy of “Teaching”/”Learning.” I design my classes to highlight student involvement. One of my main goals as a teacher is to challenge my students to do their best creative work. I believe that they will achieve their goals if I encourage them to appreciate the pursuit of knowledge, to develop critical thinking skills, to expand problem-solving abilities, and to feel comfortable and confident when entering into the conversations of professional writers.

One of the first things I do is ask my students to learn now how they can excel at writing not only in my class, but also in their future classes and jobs. I want my students to be successful no matter how prepared they are when the get to my classroom. I strive to promote an intellectual curiosity that will blossom during my students’ undergraduate learning experience. I ask them to have the courage to showcase their unique capabilities by taking risks in their writing, and by pursuing their true areas of interest.

I believe that learning occurs best in student-centered classrooms where the instructor acts as a well-informed mentor, facilitator, and coach.  In order for my students to take responsibility for their own learning, they must have the freedom to take it.  Although I have very structured assignments and requirements, I ask my students to come up with creative responses that show an exceptional understanding of the subject. I require them to be active participants. In each class I foster a tone of respect for individual interests and abilities, while encouraging each student to excel.

Another student comment from an official University evaluation form articulates exactly the tone I want my classroom to maintain:

I took this course as an online class and so far, Ms. Murphy is one of the most involved instructors I’ve had. You definitely know that she wants the students to learn and improve their writing through the feedback she gives to our work. She gives thoughtful reviews to students’ work. This is the most personal online class I’ve had.

Above all, my role is to help each student engage with the course material in a way that helps them achieve their individual course goals. I want each student to leave my class knowing that they can succeed, and my activities and assignments are designed to help develop the skills they will need along the way.


IMG_0065.JPGI have traveled to 38 countries including Croatia, Hungary, China, Thailand, Korea, Venezuela, and Argentina. I especially enjoy traveling to places where I can have an outdoor adventure. I have climbed Kilamanjaro, hiked the Inca Trail in Peru, and competed in races in Portugal, Alaska, California, and Ohio.

Each year John and I go to a country we have never been to before. We enjoy planning our own adventures, but we have also followed invitations of friends who were living/traveling in places such as Scotland, Korea, Venezuela, and China. In other years we did dream trips, like Argentina and Costa Rica.

We use Tripadvisor.com to check out the restaurants, attractions, and neighborhoods. We also look for travel blogs where people report their experiences in different areas. We have gotten lots of great ideas from blogs about where to visit and where to stay. So, our planning does come down to a big investment in time. But I get really excited to read about other people’s travels, so it’s not a chore. More like a hobby.


My Writing SpaceI have published my writing in many literary magazines including The Massachusetts Review, New Orleans Review, Seattle Review, Cimarron Review, Quarterly West, American Poetry Review, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Indiana Review, and The Iowa Review.

Here is a list of recent work.

Publications: Nonfiction

“Beloved Father Person.” New Orleans Review 38.2 (2013). Available on Amazon Kindle.

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Recent Awards

“Midnight at Orca Cannery.” Finalist, Third Coast Poetry Contest, 2014.

“Rank Bitch.” Finalist, North American Review James Hearst Poetry Contest, 2013.

“Losing Our Milk Teeth,” Feeding Peeping Tom,” “Good Morning Mediocrity.” Finalists, Cobalt Review Poetry Contest, 2013.

“My Trifecta of Offenses.” Finalist, Smartish Pace Poetry Contest, 2013.

“Reading Sexton in Phuket.” Finalist, Bellevue Literary Review Poetry Contest, 2012.

Publications: Book Chapters

“Poetry Exercises.” Wingbeats: Exercises and Practices in Poetry. Forthcoming from Dos Gatos Press, 2014.

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Recent Poems

“An IQ Test for Idiots.” The Black Warrior Review 42.4 (2016): 62.

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