Jul 20, 2009 | Written by Patricia Murphy

Day 5 Castlenaud et Marqueyssac

This morning John and I had a little jog along the Dordogne.  We were just a little tired from our longer, hillier run the day before. So we strolled out into the fog, and ran towards the canoe put-in area. Then we went to the Patisserie and bought an apple tart. We had breakfast on the terrace again—forest strawberries, white peaches, goat cheese, and farm fresh eggs.

Le Petit DejeunerThen we walked down to the little market in Beynac—there were lots of nice artisanal cheeses and yummy fruits and vegetables. I bought a head of lettuce and some duck sausage for dinner tonight.

Then we drove only a few km to Castelnaud, where we saw a small medieval village and a large medieval castle. Justin especially liked the catapult display. And guess what we saw inside the castle? Wire-haired Vizslas! I have never seen one up close! The owners were Dutch, so I asked them lots of questions and they let me pet the sweeties. They were 5 years old, brother and sister. They looked just like Penny (skinny, with a white spot on the chest) and Rooster (a little heavier with yellow eyes) but with mustaches! So funny. And they were very friendly and playful just like our little ones.

Wirelhaired Viszlas

For lunch, John and I stopped near the river and had a smoked salmon and white asparagus salad and roasted chicken with pommes frites. When we got home the Hinckleys had just arrived, and were eating goat cheese, wild boar sausage, fresh apricots, forest strawberries. and bread. John and I got into our swimsuits and we walked down to the river for a swim. The water was refreshing, quite brisk! And the current was strong. Later today we’re going to our second castle at Marqueyssac, and then we’ll make some dinner chez nous. I’m kind of tired out today! The weather was really beautiful and the sun was warm.